As Always, I was strolling through Netflix for anything to watch. There are a few conditions that must be met when I look for something.

  1. It must be fun

  2. I have to understand the language or it has to have captions.

    The reason for #2 is that I want to “listen” to it while I work or I want to “read” it while I do some household chores. So in that context..

  3. It must not be visually focused.

So with thes in mind.. I was looking through.. And I have been watching some Japanese Anime so naturallly Netflix gives me a lot of Anime.

I am also into anime about heroes from “other” worlds, which is basically a hero from our world is summoned to a fantasy world.

And this time I chose, The Rising of the Hero Shield.

The Story is basically almost the same in these kind of anime.

  1. A hero gets summoned/forced into a fantasy world.
  2. He or she is mostly over powered.
  3. Gets a lot of attractive party members
  4. Defeats the last boss and saves the world.

But as always, there is a twist.

  1. Four heroes get summoned.. And they all hate the shield hero.
  2. Shield hero is seriously under powered at first.
  3. He does get attractive members.
  4. There is a season 2 aka. not finished yet.

The whole journey is fun. But the world seems small. Most of the current journey takes place in a really small area. But it was nice because I could concentrate on the characters.

I can’t wait for season 2 to be released on Netflix as it seems to be where the real story would be revealed.