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I always loved robots. My first games that I played was Super Robot Taisen on the SNES(SFC). I have watched all the old Gundams, The Evangalion series. And some years ago I watched the first Pacific Rim. It was nice. I never understood why the robots were so colorful. But it was nice to watch.

Then I watched Pacific Rim - Uprising. Nice to watch. I could see some things could have been better.

A few days ago.. I was skimming through Netflix on what I should watch. I have to admit I have been watching some Japanese anime, because I could read the captions when doing the dishes. Some robots caught my attention. It was Pacific Rim. “Oh.. I’ve watched that” I thought. But it looked different.. It was anime! I had to watch.

So my initial impressions was.. “Is this before? or after? the uprising?” because I had no previous input on the title. As I watched, it was after the uprising. It was sooo much fun to watch it. But just as things started to heat up.. the series stops.

It seems to just say… “Hey this is a super long prequel for an upcoming series”… And I can’t wait!!

Hope Netflix actually makes one. :D