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What Another Keyboard?

So last month I got myself a new keyboard. It was a Kemove Snowfox and I got mine from Aliexpress because it was cheaper and shipping was free to Korea.

I have been using it for about a month. I didn’t mod it and was just stock. I was getting used to it.. But as a programmer using Visual Studio there were some hard choices.

Pressing a combination of CTRL SHIFT Function row key was hard to rewire because I had to use both modifiers on the right side. But what was even harder to get used to was Shift Arrow keys. 60% keyboards just don’t have arrow keys and mostly need to press the Fn + some key to use arrows. Ofcourse there are ways to do it.. Some keyboards detect a fast tap to register the key as an arrow key. But I was too ignorant and got my self a budget version.

Well, after a few weeks of usage of the Snowfox, I started hearing creaking sounds on the keyboard. Note that I didn’t “mod” anything including lubing anything. So there I was complainging about the creaking sound happening on my left shift key on one of my Kakao Group chats. They aren’t complete strangers but I have only met a few of them in real life once or twice.

Anyway, one of the members asked me to join a private chat. I have never met this guy, but I did know that he was a keyboard inthusiast. So I started talking to him and he asked if I wanted a keyboard. I said “Sure! Why not?”. He then asked if I would use a brown or red Cherry MX. And if I prefered RGB switches or normal. I asked him to put anything in as it didn’t matter.. I couldn’t be asking to do this or that? I was getting a free keyboard!

The Keyboard

After 2 days, a delivery came in. And it was a keyboard. And it was heavy! I opened it to find keyboard from Cox called Black Pearl(Affiliate). A full CNC machined aluminum keyboard. This particular version was a “DIY” Kit and the sender decided to put in some Cherry Non RGB red switches. It was my first red switch. And I am loving it.

The DIY Kit

The Keyboard is quiet and smooth. It has RGB (although it is almost invisible due to the normal switches). So for now.. This keyboard is my main. I have moved the Snowfox aside and I might just use it for on the go work and leave it in my bag. Or maybe I might lube it and reuse it. But for now… I am loving this keyboard.

Next step.. Get RGB switches and some nice keycaps for the keyboard to shine!!