So I usually go by some other alias' when I use the internet. But for this blog, I wanted some name that I could possibly use later on if I ever decide to make a game myself.


I was looking for a lot of things. I even went far to search for a “random company name generator”. But one day, I sat down with my son, who just started talking, to play around with him. He is in a babling stage and just likes to talk alot.. Even if we can’t understand it. But one of the most things he says is “아빠” or “엄마” meaning.. Dad and mom respectively in Korean. I already wanted a .dev domain and 아빠.dev just seamed nice. I googled “아빠” and they read it like “Appa”. But Appa seamed more like “아파”(hurts). I wanted something smoother and went for abba. But we all know ABBA right? And the domain was taken anyway. I was disappointed. Then my son called me again “아-빠”. THAT WAS IT!! Hence the name “a-bba”.

Conclusion is not here to rip off ABBA. I hope no one is here because they are a fan of ABBA. It is just my reference to “Father Dev”.